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Every detail of this NORSK watch has been carefully designed for you; the medal winners of Norway in these Olympics. The design is called "Champion in repose" The NORSK is first of all a sports timepiece, because this is something you can never change. Once you won that Olympic medal you are forever remembered as a sportsman. Wherever you go and whatever you do in life from this point on you can never change the fact that you are a champion and you have made Norwegians around the world proud. The Vikings have always been conquerors and you have proved this once again. The NORSK is not merely a fine sports timepiece, it is designed specifically for the champion after the victory. It is designed with the "high polish" of world class fashion design to be worn at celebrations. The NORSK is designed for the champion to wear while celebrating the victory; not during the pain of training before the competition. This is the reason the NORSK is only presented to champions, not merely contenders. The NORSK is not only a sports timepiece but more specifically a divers watch, designed to go to the depths of the ocean. This is carefully chosen to represent the depths you had to go to preparing for this great challenge. The fact that unlike normal divers watches the NORSK has a highly polished divers bezel - indicates that not only did you go to great depths to train but more importantly you rose to the moment and shined. You shined before the world at London and now you shine in Norway's heart forever. We present this NORSK watch to you in hopes that you will forever celebrate the day. You are the "Champion in repose".


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