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Outboard Motors and Boat Sales

Shipwreck Salvage Captain for hire

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My name is DavidJWard-I have been a successful ShipwreckSalvageCaptain in the area of Freeport-TX  for more than 40 years-I am fully experienced in flotation systems and trash pumps-I also have the reputation of having the cleanest bilges around-I will pickup for salvage and clean large motoryachts for 5000.00 and up-large sailboats start at 7500.00 and up-small shrimpboats start at 8000.00 and up-large gulf shrimpers start at 10000.00 and up-skiboats and small sailboats start at 500.00 and up-your insurance should cover salvage and towing fees-cleaning services include-deck-wheelhouse-cabins-below decks-and bilges-you are required to sign a written contract-which I can provide upon demand-copyright by CaptDavidJWard-Jan15-2000-you are expected to provide security for the vessel-I am not responsible for damages incurred before or after salvage and towing operations. The rates shown are for dockside recovery only-CaptainDavidJWard  contact me at             also see my sites at and at  and at 


Make a contribution to the swampbiofilter project here-I have been trying to download photos to this site to include on another page but have been unable to obtain them yet-this project took years to drain the property out to the point where even tropical plantlife would thrive-I have managed to plan a system that not only filters out the water-but also creates a fresh air production system that also consumes toxic waste gases as nutrients-this property was considered a 10 time class A Felony Violation of the Texas Water Rights Act-as well as a multiple violator of the Federal Clean Air Act-I consider the water to be fit for cattle to drink now-and the air is fit to breath-with future planning and expansion pollution would be considered a thing of the past-make a valuable contribution to the paypal button-remember that when people steal large amounts of plants it comsumes valuable time for me to go out there in that muddy mess and replace evrything that has been stolen-fortunately I learned years ago how to cultivate and multiply plants to replace other plants in large numbers-